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Our Pakistan Partnership is based on a memorandum of understanding signed in 2021 with the Pakistan Partnership Initiative. Pakistan Partnership Initiative (PPI) is registered as a development organization in 2019 under the society’s act of 1860with the registration number 6426. PPI is a Christian Faith based organization that works with all segments of society regardless of religion, color or political affiliation. The major focus of PPI is leadership, youth and children development, building capacity of local institutions/initiatives and business development. Currently PPI is working with around 40 local institutions and building their capacity, while also supporting them in resource mobilization and complying with government regulations. The main goal of this partnership between PPI and HBF is to collaborate to strengthen the local non-profit organizations through the PPI on the ground support network. The leadership of both organizations is currently working on joint strategies to design and implement development programs in different parts of Pakistan. Hope Beyond Frontiers is open to exploring partnership initiatives with non-profit organizations, donors, government entities in Pakistan and in other parts of the world.