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We help children not in their early years after birth but also with their education, health and adolescent years. By sponsoring a child you contribute to their education, health and other extra-curricular activities. We see a world where each child achieves his or her full potential and we know that this can only be achieved through helping one child at a time to address the root causes of illiteracy, poor health, poverty and injustice.

We match each child with a sponsor. Our children live in developing countries and are either in foster homes or in the care of their parents. They are children with real stories and challenges. You may write letters to your child and receive letters from them too. We also facilitate photo exchange, packages and email where possible.

Please don’t send your monthly sponsorship gift or any cash with your correspondence. We could help facilities sending your child a special monetary gift in certain situations.


Please call us 925-877-4377 or email us at Info@localhostfor further information.

Once you decide to select a child for sponsorship, you will receive an information package about your sponsored child, including a photo and information about the community or family with whom they live. As you embark upon this journey of helping a child change their life, your will continue to receive updates on how your sponsorship is making a difference.